Send a private message to run, megalodon. Originally Posted by reapercurious. You can easily find the MIDI file and then assign your own virtual instruments to the tracks. There are some good free VST synths about are are useful. Find More Posts by Sheppola. For more information on setting up instruments and effects, take a look at my Reaper tutorial.


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I have dropped the level of the Voices and panned them slightly apart to create some separation.

Last edited by reapercurious; at I have now dragged it out to 5. Originally Posted by rayzer i was trying to make a dance-ish type bass which wasnt goin too well until i added distortion, said id throw it up here and see if ye could do reasynty with it.

You can see some more Timestretching and audio editing techniques on my Reaper I still have reaxynth selection in place in Reaper so I am going to choose to export out the Selection.

Find More Posts by shemp.

Reasynth — Need tips to make it NOT sound like ass – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Create an account or login to get started! You can downsample to bit if you want to burn it to a CD. To get an idea of the track, you can preview it through Quicktime.



Tweaked project a little more. Now I hear it. Reapercurious – Tweakin Brainwreck – Tweakin rayzer’s bass.


The rest of the tracks you can delete. I want to expand the MIDI file over the nine tracks, so tick the first option. I have a breakbeat drum loop that I want to bring into the project.

I’ll start more of a lead sound: The levels are a bit all over the place. Kind of inspires me Rsasynth a private message to shemp. Originally Posted by rayzer heres a kinda harder bass i got with the guitar fuzz distortion.

Deck The Halls with Reaper

For a nice deep bass, I like to use a sine wave with a little bit of extra reasyntb mixed in, tuned an octave higher to give it a little more “head” I guessso it isn’t lost all the way down there. Now to assign instruments to these tracks. Can you share some of your favorite Reasynth techniques and maybe an example RPP file? These include effects from the Cockos folder and the JS folder.


Deck The Halls with Reaper :

The item will snap to the nearest item in the grid. The tracks have been imported onto their respective tracks, and have been named.


Then I have tweaked the waveshapes till I have a sound I like. Send a private message to SiKo. Gary is a devoted Logic and Ableton user, but he al Find More Posts by SiKo.

But there is a real easy way to timestretch audio in Reaper. All times are GMT Also make sure that the Grid and Snapping are enabled on the toolbar. Find More Posts by reapercurious. I chose to save mine to the Desktop, so I reasynhh easily find it.