This user has 2 previous reviews of this add-on. Our last update 2. It is a pity. Ziemlich bald danach blockiert das System wieder. Foxy toolbar icon and Bow status icon now work properly with Seamonkey.

reminderfox thunderbird

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For those that prefer the original ‘ribbon-icon’ rather than the Foxy icon, you can choose that instead.

ReminderFox Version History

Ziemlich bald danach blockiert das System wieder. The ribbon icon is a legacy style statusbar control which Firefox will not long support, so we are trying to graduate away from that. Thanks to Guenter Wahl Fixed issue where welcome page was continuously displaying after update for some users.

After you enter the Google user name and click Retrieve, the Google log-in page opens up in a tab of the current Firefox instance, which you cannot access while the Add-on window is active, so you can’t get the Google tocken without closing the Add-on window, and then you can’t paste in the token!!! Page 1 of On Options selecting a sound file will play it for testing Alert Notification Slider improvements: By synchronizing ReminderFox with a calendar provider, it is now possible to sync your ReminderFox events across mobile devices such as iPhone or Android phones.


There was an issue where some invalid ToDo’s that has an invalid empty date could cause ReminderFox to crash.

Reviews for ReminderFox

When selecting a repeating reminder instance, you can press ‘: Second off, the dev deleted Status bar and menu bar, and every other bar support because Firefox ditched it. It pains me rreminderfox say that, but at the moment I intend to settle on Waterfox or some other solution on a permanent basis.

All lines of data in email and email boxes are doubled. Create an Add-ons Account.

syncing Reminderfox in FX w/Reminderfox in Tbird? • mozillaZine Forums

Hopefully it’s straight forward from there. Rated 1 out of 5 stars by Firefox user b4bf71 on Jan.

Remote Calendar synchronization is now easier to set up! Welcome to Thunderbird Add-ons. Right-click on the menu and choose Customize Or does it put a file somewhere else? Also the time is getting harder to follow the massive changes caused by Mozillas move to new technologies and removing old, mature technics, parts they don’t need anymore for Firefox Quantum etc. Welcome to Thunderbird Add-ons.

Reminderfox Dialog — selector for existing categories added — Reminderfox Remote Calendar feature now uses the color set by the remote calendar system eg.

reminderfox thunderbird

When Firefox Reminder will be updated to be compliant with Quantum? Clear as a bell and smooth as silk. Fixed issues with Thunderbird where Adding Reminder to an email was not working.


Aug Tue 22nd 1: The separate View dropdown has been removed, and Views are now integrated into the existing Filter dropdown the thundegbird with Selected Year, Selected Month, etc.

reminderfox thunderbird

We made a mistake and removed the option to move the ribbon icon to any toolbar. Google Calendar Integration is fixed. To create your own collections, you must have a Mozilla Reeminderfox account. Download Now Download Anyway. Please do not use this form for any other reason.

ReminderFox :: Add-ons for Thunderbird

UNLESS, you go in to the browser settings, and tell it to ask which program to use when you try to open a https link. To create your own collections, you must rminderfox a Mozilla Add-ons account. The users told us about it loudly, and we listened and changed it; the option is back and is as flexible as it was before.

Then they will share the same reminders file.

reminderfox thunderbird