The representatives will have an opportunity to make a statement if they desire and will be available to respond to stockholder questions. One-time cash awards are also considered on a discretionary basis. During the course of the fiscal year, have the auditors received any communication or discovered any information indicating any improprieties with respect to our accounting and reporting procedures or reports? The Committee intends to continue its practice of paying competitive compensation to attract and retain executive officers to manage our business in the best interests of the Company and our stockholders, and we therefore may choose to provide nondeductible compensation to our executive officers if we deem such compensation to be in the best interests of the Company and our stockholders. King, 19, shares; Ms. The Audit Committee acts under a written charter, which sets forth its responsibilities and duties, as well as requirements for its composition and meetings.

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He was President of Schwarzschild Jewelers, a retail jewelry chain, from September to April Number of securities remaining available for future issuance under equity compensation plans excluding securities reflected in column a c.

Your shares will be voted as you indicate. You have four voting options. What has the Audit Committee done with regard to our audited financial statements for fiscal ? The following table summarizes the composition of each of the committees of the Board during fiscal and the number of times each committee met during fiscal Equity compensation plans not mwn by.


What am I voting on?

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To withhold authority to vote for any indicated nominee, write the number s of the nominee s in the box provided to the right. Confidential, for Use of the Commission Only as permitted by Rule 14a-6 e 2. Vote FOR all nominees except as marked. Your choice for electronic distribution will remain in effect for all future stockholder meetings unless you revoke it prior to the meeting by following the instructions set forth regail the website http: Matthews, 42, shares, includes shares owned by Mr.

Will the Board Affairs Committee consider stockholder nominations for director? Follow the simple instructions the recording provides you.

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Kasen, 26, shares; Dr. Royer, 40, shares; Mr.

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It provides information on these issues so that you can make an informed decision. Action Performance Companies, Inc. Will my shares be voted if I do not sign and return my Proxy Card? Any preapproval given by the Chairman of the Audit Committee pursuant to this delegation is presented to the full Audit Committee at its next meeting. The Company will post on its website any amendment to, or waiver from, a provision of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that applies to its principal executive officer, principal financial officer, principal accounting officer and other persons who perform similar functions, as required by the rules of the SEC and the NYSE.

Each share is entitled to one vote. Weiser will be provided outplacement services through the Severance Period or until Mr. The purpose of the Plan is to promote the interests of our Company and stockholders by providing incentives to certain employees, consultants and nonemployee directors to encourage them to remain with us.


One-time cash awards are also considered on a discretionary basis.

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Establishing, amending and designing significant long-term director or officer compensation or benefit plans which do not require stockholder approval. Signing your proxy card and mailing it in the enclosed, prepaid and addressed envelope.

The Board Affairs Committee identifies director candidates from various sources, and has the authority to engage and compensate third-party executive search consultants to assist it in identifying and evaluating possible nominees for director. Percentage Of Class 1. Except for the welfare benefits, the change in control payments are not subject to mitigation or offset.

If you would like to access the proxy materials electronically next year, go to the following consent site address: Use the Internet to vote your proxy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until Reviewing and recommending enhancements to our corporate governance structures. Of the total 3, shares: Form, Schedule or Registration Statement No.:

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