Of course bought the licence and then couldn’t activate it because the link provided by the “activator page” instead of giving a proper “. Open the Steam software. Install your mod s and then you can move rFactor folders in and out of that location to activate or deactivate them. Yes, my password is: If you can contact the mod creator and inform them, perhaps they can remove the problematic files. Dec 23, Messages: Adrianstealth , Mar 2,

rfactor 1255g

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rFactor on Steam

However it should be rfaftor that some mods do include unnecessary files that WILL break your installation entirely, forcing you to reinstall. Oct 20, Messages: Activated on Steam and downloading this old bastard! For updates it will be very welcome and to include all the content in one package as well. AdrianstealthMar 2, We no longer even have a non-Steam version.

rFactor GAME DEMO vg – download |

Hosts need to be using the Steam version for it to show there. That purchase made me a simracer, fall in love with rFactor and the massive mod community. I gotta say while personally I dislike Steam I’m very impressed by the way you are going about integrating it, keeping both options for customer base compatible with each otheradding features where possible This new isiMotor 2.


I had to play rFactor with a crack You CAN still buy from us, that remains unchanged. Share This Page Tweet. Hi everyone, Sorry for posting this a few hours after I posted it everywhere else.

rFactor Simulations

On historic retail version I use to keep several installs for GTS, road cars, Formulas, etchow demanding would be do the same with Steam version? Nothing we can do about that. Your purchase will be manually verified rfactr we’ll either send you a key or ask for more information from you as needed.

Log in or Sign up. Not without permission or commercial licensing. A 3D object creator is required along with a painting tool capable of DDS creation.

rfactor 1255g

Dec 27, Messages: With rFactor 2, wherever you installed Steam look at the following paths for the files and install rfacotr all: Associat0rMar 2, Please complete this form once for each product you need a key for.

After successfully creating over a dozen products in the previous ten years, including the Formula One and NASCAR franchise games for EA Sports, Image Space took the next logical step in creating a completely new technology base and development process. Yes, my password is: Of course bought the licence and then couldn’t activate it because the link provided by the “activator page” instead of giving a proper “.


With rFactor, we use loose files and a manual process where you simply drop the correct files into the correct folder. Studio was formed to specifically give it back that focus and push it forwards.

rfactor 1255g

In most cases, yes. Can’t answer any questions on how this affects rF2 being on Steam at this time. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

rFactor v.1.255g

Pro is a controlled product for auto manufacturers, race car engineers and racing teams. Contact ISI or Studio to make sure you’re operating legally.

rfactor 1255g

Either you have a bad mod usually rF1 issue onlybad plugin, bad UI rF1are out of RAM, or are missing runtimes our software requires in order to run.

Our Rfacttor Plugin system does this.