It’s like every episode needs 10 sequences of them holding each other one way or another. They look so cute together aaaah. They’ll probably be married by next episode haha. Check on the playlist if you are interested in pain and suffering. Suzuki Umi gets a shock when she sees him after she starts working part-time at the school canteen. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Those were massive headdesk and facepalm excuses that made me laugh the hardest.

risou no musuko episode 7

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Mixed reviews for Risou no Musuko but I’m liking the drama so far too. I’m looking forward to the yamajima moments!

Risou no Musuko Ep. 07

He frequently approaches her during her break and speaks to her with a gentle voice, risoh … … Kendo Kobayashi as Kanbe Toshiro A physical education teacher at Kaiou Technical High School. D The story epksode also cute and heartwarming though: Keyhole was not in sync but I heard the dialogue enough. Click here for pictures from the press conference. His walk at night with Kouji and rejecting his money, telling his mom the reason why he didn’t step on her picture, the now to me infamous “Koala Punch”.

Risou no Musuko Episode 7 – MyDramaList

But Yuto “wimpy nerd in consistent distress” character would be a bit boring in my book if the only thing that’s gonna happen throughout this drama is Daichi saving his cowardly ass from getting beat to a pulp everytime. I will watch hungry then!


He’s seems a little more natural in this role because he doesn’t have to concentrate in being and looking cool in every single shot because he’s known to be very self-conscious and anxious about his image.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 1 English Sub gogoanime. I have no idea what’s gonna happen so yeah. Voglio vedere quel sorriso per l’ultima volta.

risou no musuko episode 7

It’s apparently an all boys yankee school. He is like an older brother to Daichi who confides his problems regarding school life and feelings for his mother, and a good ally to Umi for her to handle Daichi.

Edited at About jadefrost This blog contains information and musings on current and upcoming Japanese dramas but is not intended to be comprehensive. The son of the distinguished family that runs the big construction company, Marukoba.

However, it eplsode at the cafeteria of Kaiou Technical High School, an all-boys school that is notorious in the area for its troublemakers!

You are commenting using your Twitter account. He frequently approaches her during her break and speaks to her with a gentle voice, but … …. He has an artistic sensitivity and enigmatic charm because it is usually not clear what he is thinking about.

risou no musuko episode 7

Congrats to this drama, episode 7 rating has been rise up to That’s how much of a bias he’s become, but I still have every urge to make out with him.


It’s like every episode needs 10 sequences of them holding each other one way or another.

risou no musuko episode 7

My first woman crush is from Taiwan ;w;b akjdshflahfae. And then Yamada helps Yuto into his home. Her ultimate objective is to make Daichi buy a house for her. I guess I’m just trying to get this comedic side of Yamada. It’s strangely cute I don’t like Fuji. D i can’t wait to see the next one, cuz it looks like there will be way more fun xDD now i’m just waiting for Lucky 7!

Promettimi che conserverai oggi. I don’t need your money. Sentendo il tuo sorriso silenzioso ricordo il giorno del nostro primo incontro Con quei piccoli ricordi il tuo profumo mi invade ancora Solo per oggi, amami come ieri Non posso ancora dimenticare il tuo calore Promettimi che conserverai oggi. A supervisor of the students who keep causing trouble and also an adviser to the boxing club, he has great expectations of Mifune Kengo. When Yuto and Chibisuke stand next to each other, it just makes me lol twice as much at Chibisuke because of how tall Yuto is.