Freedom Of Life Part. You can now use the Ratio to determine how heavily the signal is compressed. Top Tracks Top Artists. Masquerade – Time After Time. Freedom of Life part I. I Like The Way.

rizon higher level mp3

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rizon higher level mp3

Masquerade – High Flyer. My End of Year Mix is done, mastered, tracklisted, and has been sent off for an upcoming feature. Out of Nowhere version The idea is simple, set your compressor so it only reacts to the bits of your mix that have gone too loud, and hogher it pulls these loud parts down by the appropriate amount to keep your DJ mix at a consistent level.

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At the risk of being patronising — watch the levels when you record your mix!! Masquerade – Sigh From Eternity. You can then automate EQ for tracks that really need it, and in this gizon I would just use a high or low shelf EQ to bring up a wide area while one particular track played. Smoke In De Kitchen.

Higher level mp3 indir

Create a website or blog at WordPress. I Like The Way. I hope this makes sense so far. Time after Time – Pure Steel Promotion.


Cherry Blossom – Rizon Remix. Masquerade – El Dios. Song Of My Heart. With Logic you can also add ID3 tags, so add a link to your website, Facebook page etc. Masquerade – Lost In Silence. She has performed in several churches and events across the country.

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My examples will all be in Logic, but the principles are the same, you need a compressor, EQ, a limiter and a spectrum analyser. And to be honest I find myself doing less and less EQ to my DJ sets — the tracks have already been mixed and mastered and my job as a DJ is to use the controls of my mixer to keep the sounds balanced. About Us Advertise with us Contact Us.

Full tracklist coming soon. A top tip is to add some jingles at the start because that seems to stop the Soundcloud police from taking your mix down. I use the standard Logic compressor. And I do mean rough — this should not be interpreted as a guide to mastering your own music, pay a professional to do that. The final step is giving the mix a rough master before it goes online.

rizon higher level mp3

Freedom of Life Part II. His fierce efforts to resolve and confront the ills so prevalent in the Caribbean society, and the world at large, have plucked a chord in the hearts of thousands across the globe, re-igniting a passion for moral purity, compassion and activism. Download and stream my latest mix here.


He is an anointed worship leader, song writer and Christian recording artiste. Depending on your compressor of choice this quick attack time can completely remove any spikes, and now you can set the Release of your compressor to determine how quickly it lets go. You also need to bring down the volume faders if you have got two tunes dropped together or you are going to make peaks and troughs every time you double-drop, and end up with one track sounding quiet when you play it solo.

If You Rule the World. Celebrate with her and other corps members. Too short and you are going to hear the compressor pump in and out.

I Like Yuh Way.