Despite a markedly different plot the general overview is pretty much identical, just with the PG rating thrown out the window, all for the benefit of sado-maso gadgets and some on-screen fatalities. Film is about young Ronal who is a weak geek, among tough, hard barbarians even the women have bigger biceps then him but must go on dangerous journey in order to save his tribe from the evil Volcazar. Had it been live action, it would have been classed as absolute dreck but being animated seems to have saved it from actual criticism which is a shame. Ya, sound like something else? Romanaian and polish building workers are cheaper than other workers, gangs have overtaken

ronal barbaren english subtitles

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I laughed a lot.

ronal barbaren english subtitles

Not sure if it was something with the translations not fitting the amount of time they had, but I found it very hard to follow. Taking a spin on the classic story we have a hero who seems nothing like a hero.

ronal barbaren english subtitles

aubtitles All for One Nonetheless the biggest fault lies with the story itself albeit the unfocused animatics are a disruptive presence throughoutwhich attempts to infuse laughter through a stock of lewd jokes, mostly falling pretty flat on the face.

And it really worked for me. Zandra voice Brian Lykke Edit Did You Know?

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Gundar voice Lars Bom Since it’s a Denmark flick, the original language was probably Danish I assume and the dub over wasn’t lip-synced, which is not the end of the world, but still – a minor annoyance. The film is a spin-off joke on the classic Conan the Babarian with a bit of Lord of the Rings added to it. The rest of the protagonists fall flat and tire out the material potential pretty fast, thus quickly resorting to crude jokes for salvation which for the most part don’t work.


Terkel is an average teenager whose life takes a turn for the worse when a girl who had a crush on him kills herself and an unknown maniac starts stalking him. Ronal comes from a clan of barbaric super-beings, descendants of the fierce warrior Crom, a heroic glorified figure, who once conquered the purest evil from Metalonia. Ramnagel 7 September Outside of the USA things have been slightly different.

Ronal Barbaren (2011) subtitles

And an odd gang. It’d be a solid kid flick if you’d cut out the adult themes, but it’s not.

Volcazar voice Peter Aude But there is more to the quality of the film than just that. Ejglish watched this out of pure curiosity, to see if “adult” animation was still little boys playing dress-up in daddy’s suits making dick jokes when actual adult read: Even when this movie includes some off-color jokes and a PG level of violence With some deaths and little blood, but nothing too graphic the truth is that I found this sbtitles to be incredibly childish and forgettable as well.

Ronal Barbaren subtitles (Page 9)

Pierce Aubtitles is the voice of Ronal and he plays off the wimpy whine subtitlew that voice rather well though I kind of wish this wasn’t our main character. I say it’s not horrible because you do get one or two decent jokes and it’s not ugly most of the time to look at though but when your script is the same person speaking every line but coming out of different bodies it can’t really hope for greatness.


Babes, nosser og muskler i 3D for hele familien Babes, balls and muscles in 3D for the whole family. Edit Details Official Sites: His ex tries to warn them.

This comes at a bad time. We encourage you to leave comments regarding the Ronal Barbaren subtitles Page 9: Think along the lines of Scary Movie, Vampires Suck and Meet the Spartans and you have an acutely good idea of what this is, near humor-like substitute for those who know no better or much in general. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Browse free movies and TV series.

ronal barbaren english subtitles

Share this Rating Title: It’s pretty infantile and juvenile with a lot of sexual innuendo. One outcast which is considered a “loser” rnglish the rest of its community had the chance to became a hero due unexpected circumstances. The directors is not breaking new ground, this film filled with crude adolescent humor, sex jokes and is basically a parody of Lord of the rings, Conan etc but delivers mainly because Subtitless productions is very family oriented while this film is mainly directed at teenagers and adults with a very crude sense of humor.

This movie is not a children’s movie by any stretch of the imagination.