Then I’ll just have some carrots and onions. Acolo o sa vizitam cea mai veche biserica de lemn din tara, cu elemente originale inca in stare buna. Acesti pantaloni sint yours 2-nd sing. Expressing personal details is like giving your nationality: Language points Expressing the future There are a number of ways to express future time in Romanian. If you want to spell out:

sandu ciorba aseara am fost pe strada ta

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They are my brother’s friends. Ion si Petre sint aici. Niei odatii once a se odihni to rest el nu mi-a mai scris mie.

sandu ciorba aseara am fost pe strada ta

The Patria cinema is straight ahead, on the left. Vremea va fi calda, chiar calduroasa in sud-vestul si sudul tarii. The form of the singular often undergoes some change or other before adding the respective sign of the plural.

Shadows in silence J Exercise 12 Listen to the tape as Ileana describes two towns in Romania. The Rumanian Diphthongs Diphthongs are vowel sounds in which the organs of speech start in one vowel-position and immediately proceed to the posi- tion of another vowel.


Exercise 6 I]] Exercise 3 Translate the following sentences by usmg verbs used in the dialogues: Sunt intr-adevar buni, dar iau doar un kilogram.

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What do you think? How much do we owe you? This is a skirt.

Lucrez la o firma britanica din Multumesc. In schimb la even a gym. Acolo oamenii sunt foarte primitori. After three days I’ll set off again, north-east over the mountains as far as Moldavia, where I want to visit several painted monasteries.

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Mie imi plac cartile. Nouns denoting male beings and a number of objects are masculine. Acest baiat e Toma. Fosh ora 8 plee de aeasa.

Where do you work? These forms are used with three prepositions: East Writing numbers You will see from the dialogue that in Romanian a full stop is used Exercise 4 to separate thousands, while a comma Romanian virgula is equiv- Say aloud the following times in Romanian: Cum sint de obicei strazile capitalei? Scuzati-ma, dar cum se scrie numele dumneavoastra de familie? Unde anume in Piata Romana? Mum, do you know? Yes, I can write a little Rumanian.


sandu ciorba aseara am fost pe strada ta

Bine, vreau sa rezerv doua bilete dus-intors. Most Rumanian Verbs are regular. Vine in 10 minute. Nu, am avut chef de mare, dar nu am stat mult. Eu merg la serviciu doar la Gratie lor ai prius avionul ora 11, dar stau pana tarziu.

sandu ciorba aseara am fost pe strada ta

Buna, Victor, ai ajuns de mult?