Also if you are running it off the hardrive, just make sure its running off the nand and not the emunand. I give up, guess I’m going for the not so legitimate ways on a few of my games. I have the key thing and I make the txt file by pulling out a song in one of the sz folders and put txt file in rb3tools. That way if you want to do this again in the future you just need to open the bat file. Emulators like ePSXe hardly bat an eye at the various different formats, because they’re all basically the same, so they’re all supported in the emulator.

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What do I use to extract it? This is a PC program. You can’t pack in the same slots for different content generations, showmikwads you can cuz the packer won’t care, but the game will make the songs inaccessible. Im on windows 10 showmiiwade that helps. You needed a perfect 1: Are you dumping to a hard drive?

It looks like imgburn attempts to install something called open candy and was last updated in ? Have you already extracted the nand so the contents are in a folder now instead of in a.


Apr 14, 10, 0 really? Yup pretty much nothing to it with clear instructions. Apr 17, 15, 2 0.

Thanks for posting so much information! Jan 15, 5, 0 Yes, you load the cheats through Uniiloader, cheats, channels, wiiware, games, etc can be launched via Uniiloader. First Prev 3 of 4 Go to page.

[How-To] Playing Customs on Wii

That way if you want to do this again in the future snowmiiwads just need to open the bat file. If you are using the optional custom generations, you will need to install the provided WAD file with a WAD installer.

When making a dump, it’s strictly the flash memory, right? Posted November 25, – Everything works flawlessly on this emunand, backups and whatnot, without the need of installing cIOSs. I haven’t got the packers provided here to work, but that could simply be a hsowmiiwads manipulation that I made, but yes essentially you will need to install any wads through showmiiwads or the dlc toolslike any emunands.

[Bug ] New: ShowMiiWads: Crashes when installing WADs

But nothing about ripping the games themselves. I use this emunandwhich is less likely to stutter, or lag on larger songs, compared to real nand or USB loaders. Click Clone or Download and Download to Zip. Posted November 20, – I only got the “can not load content “message in the main menu once and that was because I messed up ahowmiiwads song DTA, I inserted a character by accidently hitting sgowmiiwads key on the keyboard and it messed the whole thing up.


Install with all defaults, expecting an error. Taken from the OP: All the details are within the docs, provided with the tools to make the nand.

Forums Discussions Gaming Discussion. What the heck am I doing wrong? AFAIK, there are a bunch of methods, but they’re all basically the same. Whatever program you use to create an ISO, it should be able to make a perfect 1: Any help is appreciated!

When properly extracted, it should have the folder structure: