What makes this emulation especially exciting is that it was designed in conjunction with the team at Tube-Tech manufacturers of the hardware CL 1B and is said to meet their exacting standards. Overall, the CL 1B really is a fantastic compressor plug-in that’s capable of both subtle containment and excellent audible colour. It has the level of control you would expect from a fully featured Great addition to Greatness I seems like it actually has maybe a wewe bit more headroom, or maybe the combination with my new Apollo 8 upgrade from my Apollo is contributing. This circuit contains semiconductor OP-amps for the entire control.

softube tube tech cl 1b compressor

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The most recent maintenance release of the DAW application is recommended. In short Improved sound; a total remodel from the ground up using compresslr latest technology.

softube tube tech cl 1b compressor

Users of the hardware version will also recognise the VU meter ballistics, which Softube have comoressor very well. Liljegren August 10, I was hoping UA would release a version of this unit, and they did! Nodurft May 7, When the CL 1B is set to around a 3: I suspect that part of this is that, as mentioned above, the the hardware has greater headroom, which gives it a broader ballistic range. Definately my new “go-to” compressor.

System requirements Mac OS X That is a statement that is hard to describe other than to say that the Mk II seats itself in a mix like the hardware, and can be more or less indistinguishable on multiple sources in a dense mix. Spectacular graphics You might think the way a plug-in looks is immaterial. Here, the Attack time is fixed 1 millisecond and the Release time is variable. Softube plug-ins support bit hosts only, tubr a bit OS is required.


Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor

Schmidl September 20, In fixed mode it functions as a vintage-style compressor with predetermined settings of 1 msec attack and 50 msec release. Input and output transformers have a static-screen between the primary and secondary wirings. It works amazingly when tecch with my Manley Reference mic. There are three large stepped switches for the selection of fixed or manual Attack and Release or a unique hybrid of both, selecting one of the two sidechain sovtube, and lastly a control for switching the large amber backlit VU meter between Input, Output, or Gain Reduction.

Dream big, sound bigger, with the classic American mixing console sound.

CL 1B Opto Compressor

I urge all having a demo yet to be used to do so if you have crucial vocals, bass, even electric guitars to record. Get this plug about 10 minutes ago: When I saw this had been released I knew I had to check it out since the real one is my all time You can pretty much fix any issue you inherit with this thing!!!

But the CL 1B is also a tube and transformer design, adding a further layer of sonic interest.


The new versions offer improved graphics and use the latest advances in analog circuit modeling. After 7 days recording with the demo, allowing myself a Thbe evaluation, I will say it’s pretty much spot on to the hardware unit. That, combined with the CL 1B in the chain make this plugin bulletproof!

Softube and Tube-Tech go way back. Improved sound, with a total remodel of the CL 1B, along with an update to the EQs using our latest signal processing technology.

Recording Magazine Reviews: Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B Mk II Plug-in

Spectacular new high-resolution graphics. Fixed mode sets Attack time to 1 millisecond and Release time to 50 milliseconds, and here the knobs become greyed out and inactive.

softube tube tech cl 1b compressor

Sound Examples Male Vocals A bypass http: The amplifier section in the CL 1A is hardwired. Building on the success of our original Tube-Tech plug-ins, we added features like parallel blend and side-chain low cut to the CL 1B.

The yube and release options on the CL 1B are deceptively flexible, with enough variability to create ‘snap’-style compression ideal for snares and pumping over-compression great on overheads without nasty, distorted artifacts.