Lily Saw this dude live twice. It’s a true homage to the pure hip-hop I wanted to make when I started out, before “pop-rap” became the dominant music of the time. I released my most recent album “The Audacity! I pick which one you receive but these are the original drawings that I scanned in and used in the album art, on paper. One size fits all. If one server goes down, I’m probably already uploading it to another. He is truthful and real and he does a damn good job of putting it all into one sweet hip hop act.

spose dankonia

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spose dankonia

If one server goes down, I’m probably already uploading it to another. This will not be available anywhere else except the Kickstarter for the next two weeks.

Dankonia () by Spose | Spose | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The second release is called “The Peter Sparker Mixtape,” something I started in and is finally nearing it’s completion. These are slightly more fitted and we’ll find the right size for you after the Kickstarter ends. Molly or Ratchet or Turn Spkse Estimated delivery Dec Expect poster in December, “The Yard Sale” download within 48 hours of purchase. Support Select this reward.


Spose and Cam both take Catan pretty seriously and will show up with the intention to whoop your sheepless ass. Can’t Get There From Here 7.

Release “Dankonia” by Spose – MusicBrainz

Spose, I tried to download The Yard Sale via the link you sent sposd on Kickstarter but it says the link is not working. Bombs Over Syria To put it succinctly: Receive limited edition “PDank” or “Spose” lighter.

This is available for anybody who can come to Wells, Maine to play against us. You’ll also receive “The Yard Sale” dankonla the entire Spose catalog in mp3 form. I hope “The Yard Sale” gives you some things you’ve been looking to hear for years as well as hope for the future.


The first is called Dankonia and it’s a mixtape I made of me rapping entirely over instrumentals of one of my favorite groups of all time: Estimated delivery Feb However, as an artist who still cares very deeply about his songwriting and lyrics, I want to make sure I can get my songs to the people who would enjoy them. There are only three of these available dankonla they take a lot of time and effort. I think my fanbase will come through, though, and I’ll danionia able to achieve my goal.


Share this project Done. Knocking on Wood 5. If you like Spose, you may also like: Dynasty by Hua Li. Estimated delivery Jan Middle class rap hero, Maine’s own Spose, has two new projects of material done but to raise a budget to make sure people hear them! Nothing Like the First Time by Watsky. History Will Absolve Me by billy woods. Twerking at a Funeral Don’t see the answer to your question?

Receive signed copy of “The Audacity! Also including will be the lyrics to the album, never before released. Receive one of the 11 original framed marker drawings used in The Audacity!

spose dankonia

If you want the detailed rundown on my career, go read the wikipedia page someone made for me: