As some of you will remember from the original Grimm fairytale, the poison did not actually kill Snow White, it simply incapacitated her. Her unoriginal design is a Take That! Not that this stop most people from complaining about it regardless. Some songs and voicebanks can be exactly what you’d expect, but there are also quite a few that manage to put professional Vocaloid songs to shame, with some covers even out doing the original! The original test ran with C: Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from the point of view of a visually impaired.

sukone tei voicebank

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Just so you know.

sukone tei voicebank

Naturally, this means there are well over a thousand voicebanks and characters; however, only a handful of them have any popularity. Meanwhile I’ll check for Java issues in 7 b.

Due to attempts to make UTAU sound either like anime characters, like Mikuor generally make unique voice tones, this tends to pop up frequently with more ‘realistic’ voicebanks, often using the UTAU creators normal sounding voice.

Each voice is represented by a character.

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If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. It’s a free download anyway. Instead of overwriting,when extract,we can mark them to display that is a different wav: Ritsu is the most notable example of such, although there are quite a few crossdressing characters. Not that this stop most people from complaining about it regardless.

I mean, compatibility is an issue, but not the one I need a guinea pig for.


Disregarding the fact that an UTAU’s bank quality depends tek a number of factors, sometimes a voicebank just flat out doesn’t like one of the many resamplers out there, or the UTAU program ends up hiccuping for some reason. A common belief in the fandom is that having multipitch for the sake of multipitch is a bad thing, as the UTAU program is capable of replicating the tone of a non-dynamic monopitch voicebank rather perfectly.

Sukone Tei (Scottei)’s voicebank?

I move the oto. Extremely well put together VCV banks often times verge on Vocaloid quality, while sometimes even out performing a few “official” Vocaloids, while lazily put together ones will often sound no different than lazily put together CV voicebanks.

sukone tei voicebank

While there is some truth to this in addition to multipitch banks being monsters when it comes to file sizes, especially for VCV and CV-VC in that the program does manage to replicate the tone of your voice pretty well, it’s not without some benefits.

Her unoriginal design is a Take That! Rather than end consonants being the end of the word, they more so serve as flag for where to start the next phonetic in editing, essentially meaning it serves as a way to artificially create VCV transitions without recording everything needed for a VCV bank. In the end, it’s up to the recorder to decide which they prefer.

Among many things, there are quite a few surprisingly good Spanish, Korean, and even French voicebanks floating around the net.

The Essential UTAU Toolkit – Romaji/Hiragana UST and voicebank conversion/aliasing

BTW did you noticed that Selene needs a guinea pig for the mojibake remover? Surprisingly Good Foreign Language: It’s impossible to count the number of Vocaloid expies floating around in the fandom even with a dedicated list. I was able to edit some of them by opening the file the extension is “.


Soon I began wanting to use the programs to make my own covers, suokne that was when the problems started. Obviously, I sukpne to start with the free option. Please login or register.

Oh and my Laptop’s OS is Windows 7. Her model letter, Q, appears to be a double pun: This is giving me a hard time, and I need a guinea pig.

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This resulted in mostly newbies to the program sukonr their hands on it, which contributed to a bit of a backlash against English Vocaloids. Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from the point of view of a visually impaired.

As for the romaji issue, that would cause the oto.

sukone tei voicebank

The original use was to allow for more natural sounding tone transitions, as well as taking less stress of the program itself so that it can plan each sample in a more natural sounding tone. Whether such claims are actually true or not is a fact likely best left up to interpretation, and that’s all we’re saying about that.