Keeping things minimal, Weatherbug shows you the temperature and the weather-condition icon on the top menu bar of your Mac. This is a fun, fresh and truly useful weather report experience for people of any age. Categories Desktop Apps For You. By default, Forecast Bar shows a variety of weather-related information, such as temperature, dew point, wind, pressure etc. You can make an in-app purchase to remove ads, manage your favorites, and get detailed forecasts over five days.

swackett for mac free

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swackett for mac free

Adapt – Clothing Suggester Service. There is also a minimal window for the Mac menu bar. You can make an in-app purchase to remove ads, manage your favorites, and get detailed forecasts over five days.

If you’re looking for something frew little different from a standard weather app that’ll make you chuckle, then download swackett for free from the Mac App Store.

Weather Dock is an ultra-minimal weather app for Mac. I think it’s because Swackett is a weather app. It also arranges weather data in an intuitive manner.

swackett for mac free

We didn’t really expect to get hooked on Swackett, but we did. On the background, you can see animation for the shown weather. I’ve been meaning to get more into Geek Tool Weather Live Free, however, manages to show in-detail weather data for most locations.


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Click anywhere on the WeatherBug box to visit the official WeatherBug website where you can find more detailed information. So, if you are planning to find actual weather data, you should know how to analyze RADAR information.

In addition to these, you have some awesome features like minute-by-minute prediction and iCloud Sync. It focuses more on the displayed content and the beauty of it.

Weather for Mac

We convert complex weather data to easily-understood, visual weather reports seackett for people of every age. Carrot also includes a distinctive Time Machine feature that allows you to see what the weather was like in your location on a previous date.

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Definitely makes the product a little bit easier to visually understand with there stylish way to view the forecast. However, when you click on the icon, Ftee website opens up, where you can see a lot of information. You can get a quick glance of current weather conditions, and Carrot Weather presents the information quite humorously. Scroll down for the next article.

Download Weather – Software for Mac

Other data includes humidity, cloud cover, visibility, wind speed, direction, and more. Weather 5 days freemium is another simple weather app. One talks to you, frse another shows you real-time radar. Please see swackett, available for free supported via Smart Ads. You can also get quick forecast information from the menu bar.


Swackett is also currently available as a web app feee app coming soonso you can get your weather predictions in the browser, too.

There are quick ways to monitor your system’s status, find out what’s on TV, control your thermostat, and much more. Weather Live Free seems to work in most places, without compromising weather data. Forecast Bar works worldwide and tries to bring variety of data to all places. Money wasted and extremely disappointed. Watch SpaceX’s Starship presentation at 9: We have gathered a few apps with multiple additional features that you might find useful.