Yup, still immersed in the big ocean of re uploads! Producing each drama CD in this format seriously takes a lot of time and effort. Shadowy Kitty 16 September at But sadly right after sharing some of her projects here, her videos, safe for more than 3 years and pubblicly shared without problems got flagged, and her channel was delected. I will take my time to enjoy your works properly.

ten count blcd

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But I would like to suggest if you could keep the slide widget when scanning for BL titles. Sadly we r never going to use YT again cz we as youtubers got no protection from attackers n reuploaders. Second I cant give a closed access, coz it’s totally against the idea I had when i opened this blog and coz I cant even imagine to give one by one access I’m truly happy when u show yourself here once in a coujt Or you could arrange them again alphabetically, just as long the Titles are written together with the CD Covers.

Kelly Nguyen 8 December at I’ll try to come by and say hi often or at least thank you for all of the work that you do.


My dear Kazu helloooo! If not is there a possible chance you could find a new site that works well for computers and phones? If it’s not much to ask In the while please, enjoy all the projects conut are avaible online blogs or channels on Youtube! My hands are pretty full right now!

HI Roby-San, how are you!!! I can’t seems to find it I truly wish this comment to be in mind of people who can do it!

Ten Count Cd Drama + Manga Vol2 Track4 (Semi H-Scene Auriculares Necesarios)

If u have some other ideas we can do sooner already avaible dont hesitate to ask again! I just ask you to add me just coz I had no idea it was this possibility on Mangago Shouldnt u have more patience and respect her time and efforts?!??!

Hausa 30 May at Mmmmm now that u make me think there was something like a game between ren and Kissy Thank you for supporting us!

For whatever info u can comment down here, I hope to be able to reply as soon as I can! There are 4 CDs out.

ten count blcd

Roby85 m 14 September at If yes I totally agree with your choice! I really want to continue supporting but I don’t think i can and it saddens me. I know u are working hard with school!


ten count blcd

Anonymous 16 September at Ten Count began publication when I just started college and then it ended when I graduated – it literally ended just days before my graduation. Hihi thank you for your hard work: Be respectful and nice to all BL community.

BLCD Archive: Ten Count 5 Drama CD

If u have a request, send us counr email H E R E with the title of the manga! Cold Blood Kissy 24 October at I cant really remember all the names I suck with them!

ten count blcd

You just click on the link I sent, and off to the right under my name there will be a “follow” button, and you click that to become one of my followers, and I’ll get the notification, and follow you back. This mangaka is truly sexy and yeah I still remember doing Kichiku encount! Agghhhhhh I will try my best!