View all 4 comments. Follow my reviews at Reading Haven The book ends really nice, I even got choked up in one of the letters. Leah is an emotional mess.. I did enjoy reading it just all these things stood out to me and stopped me taking it to that next level and are the stand out thoughts now I’ve finished it. I must say that is also hard to read when your vision becomes blurred trying to read through the copious amount of tears that just kept leaking from my eyes!!!!

the reluctant dom tymber dalton

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I had to wait a few hours after finishing this book before I could write this review. Seeing more of them and not through Tony’s eyes would’ve been better and convinced me that they will be happy.

It was the emotional journey that the characters go though. Books by Tymber Dalton.

the reluctant dom tymber dalton

My only complaints are that there were a few too many “kadenisdying”. You’d be cold hearted if you didn’t cry.

the reluctant dom tymber dalton

I just wanted the book to be over. She gives vague descriptions early on, concerning the other two Solid 4. I thought I was emotional reading Losing Reeluctant. View all 31 comments. I have read several BDSM books lately and was looking for another good one. My problem with this story was Leah.


Book Review – The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton – Maryse’s Book Blog

I’m annoyed with myself for thinking all this. And so a training begins. Only Pleasure by Lora Leigh. There was a lot of laugher in the beginning that I doubted if this book was supposed to be emotional.

Kaden’s need to make sure Leah’s mental health was being is taken care of, as well as her emotional and sexual needs is almost staggering to read. It makes sense in many ways.

The Reluctant Dom

So when Kaden approaches Seth with a proposition to take over being his wife’s Dom because he is dying Seth finds himself in a situation that he is not sure he can handle.

My buddy Candace told me to read it and I was as reluctant as Seth when Kade asked him to join them. Kaden and Leah have been married for years, living a typical upper-class public lifestyle. But who is ever ready for something that you know will leave you so filled with such anguish?

I really thought I was going to love this one.

the reluctant dom tymber dalton

It was extremely beautiful; so well written!! She had a horrible life before we got together. I fell in love with Leah, Seth and Kaden.


This book, had me doing the ugly cry with sound effects. One Kaden had to learn through trial and error over their many married years.

Book Review – The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton

Taking on a role in a lifestyle that he has never even contemplated. But if you could handle emotional pain, you might eeluctant this as a power reminder how much love and support could help you through the darkest hours.

It hit on just about all points that I look for, when I read a story like this. But again, with the way the book was written and with the way the dxlton was presented, I was able to accept it. His name is Kaden. Now he is dying and his devoted and loving wife of twenty years stands a good chance of falling to pieces if he cannot find someone to take over his role as her Dom. About how we met.