One cue tip of side english, can alter the 3rd rail hit point by one diamond, but this needs practice. This has a lot to do with losing control of the shot and becoming a better player. Comfort is one of the aspects you have to deal with in making a bridge and at first may be uncomfortable, but not so after a prolonged practice. Two Thirds System A wonderful way to estimate cue ball paths that are longer than running english can provide. The cue ball employs a dead ball hit one cue tip above center. This method can determine the desired path off an object ball.

tuzul system

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tuzul system

It seems that most Belgium players stayed with tradition, which is to use a smaller tip size, while most other top players use tip sizes bet- ween Test your table and if syetem, slightly alter the numbers There are 14 players. Some miscues were evident at under 20mm on the smaller ballgreat care must be taken with chalking the cue tip. This grain line may not have the hitting quality of the shaft in the actual center of the shaft, but off-center.

tuzul system

With good support on all sides, a three-finger bridge should form a solid tripod for support. Much can go wrong if you do not follow his advice. Note that the first rail hit spot of zero is dif- ficult to hit on the short rail use a hit spot of about 2 instead of the exact corner. He went on to say he might go through a hundred shafts before finding a good one. The shaft would hit evenly throughout and the center of the shaft density would never be off-centerbut a wood shaft is much more desirable.


Tuzul Dead Ball System | Bilardo Matematigi

If fiberglass or metal were used for shafts, it would not tuuzul a grain to deal with. Peeking at the shot too quickly causes problems such as slightly pulling up and not follow- ing through completely. The diameter for a pool ball is 56mm diameters, and 61mm diameters for the carom ball. Comfort is one of the aspects you have to deal with in making a bridge and at first may be uncomfortable, but not so after a prolonged practice.

The odds of scoring a billiard here are 99 to 1! They do not realize that the two shafts may not be matched and just use the one that “feels better.

Two Thirds System

Two Thirds System Here’s another short angle gem from Greece where the angle into the first rail is less then 45 degrees. Give me a good tip on a broomstick and I would still beat everybody. In my 3-C travels, it seems that the average 3-C player does not use a cue that has tip and shaft configurations that compares to the above.

Then, I make available the Atlas books for those that stand still long enough to read a select page or two. Billiard Posters from Professorqball Thanks ststem Paul Frankel, the billiard world can finally see large colored posters showing “systems and techniques” One poster shows the important “Ball System”the other shows the “Bernie System”both nice to know.

tuzul system

The Bridge Hand A good billiard shot will fail if not made from a solid bridge, which is the foundation upon which a player builds his or her stroke. An example of this shown when a piece of wood is splintered and the broken portion follows the curved grain line. Those of us that rely on the books and our working our way through them one new thing at a time “call our shots” to each other, so we can compare and discuss the many approaches. Once you get used to your solid foundation, you will never have to make further uncomfortable changes.


This has a lot to do with losing control of the shot sysfem becoming a better player.

The problem with a wood shaft is that it has properties that are not homogeneous. Too much speed changes the return path Use the rail edge for all numbers. Without 4 pounds of chalk, they play longer and rather well. Cue ball origins from 15 to 0 are outside the system limits Greek Backout Antonios Gallopoulos, a 3-Cushion systems player from Greece, donated this unique “Backout” system.

Komori on the other hand would take whatever shafts Helmstetter gave him and play with them without comment. Shoot most shots without using much wrist, especially short angle shots.

In one month they’ve played over games and the housemen are cleaning the table everyday. Once practiced, your stroke will magically improve. Ball Polish For those players who desire cue ball slide, a certain product is available and is listed belowcoatings are not to affect the ruzul edge, or the cue tip.