The actual instrumentation was not available at this moment Releases information Artwork: This is an abstruse and hermetic work. In the same interview quoted above Vangelis claimed he made the album “very quickly, spontaneously”, but then added: It reminds to the soundtrack of “The Forbiden Planet” that’s effectively the first example of “electronic music” in the history. As opposed to a piece of chalk on a blackboard, for example!

vangelis beaubourg

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Rating this with one star actually feels like an insult to most of the other albums that I have given that rating.

During some of his previous work, one could have experimented two different facets of music and one could hope that after the poor “Part I”, something nice would be presented. Vangelis – Beaubourg Label: Very disturbing synth experimentations from Vangelis.

vangelis beaubourg

You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. Vangelis does a great job with the style though. The actual instrumentation was not available at this moment. The sound isn’t quite as harsh as some reviewers have said, and knowing what Vangelis’ intentions were help me to make more sense and put organization to the music. At the time I typed this review Beauvourg was busy categorising Vangelis albums into what could be considered ‘prog’ and those which weren’t.


The sounds appear to vantelis almost totally random. Well, coming from a CD, anyway. Beaubourg – Vangelis CD New. A fans only album 1.

vangelis beaubourg

Well, Vangelis is getting very close to it on this album There really is no traditional form to follow here, no real discernible melody and no rhythm.

But, to the most Vangelis f Vangelis wanted to create tone poems, he didn’t do this album as a way to fulfill a contractural obligation for RCA, he did it because he wanted to create this kind of music.

Vangelis “Beaubourg” (RCA, ) | Jive Time Records

Results cached 6h Items ordered by ending time Showing only Show all items on eBay. One thing is to have an enormous amount of electronic keyboards but another is to sound solely like them. Even if you are into beaugourg ambient scene you might want to stay away from this as well.

Nothing as such is taking place. Hopefully vaneglis I have said will influence others to listen to this themselves to determine if it’s a style they would like to explore. I can redo Beaubourg in 30 different ways”. I don’t know what the motivation of the artist was while he was recording this album; but the result is rather poor and noisy. Avoid, by all means! To put it bluntly, the whole album is complete drivel.


VANGELIS – Beaubourg

It’s correctly labeled as experime It depicts life in the Beaubourg district. I’m a fan to experimental music!!! He said it can be played in the background, and approved the case that the people should vange,is with the track, to narrow down the beginning and end of the album due to brevity of the melodies.

I have not heard all of his albums, indeed, far from itbut to vanvelis knowledge he never did anything like this before or since. Since I haven’t visited that area myself, it makes it difficult to say how realistic these visions are.

For the first time I have now been sitting trough the whole album in order to produce this review and I can honestly tell you that this is something I will never do again. In the album was released in remastered and reissued digipak edition by Esoteric Recordings. That is why it sounds strange to so many.

Beaubourg part II