Terminate the OCR engine after a specified time has passed, if the engine continues running in vain due to unexpected input data or bugs in the engine. Erel , Jul 12, Answers to some common questions may appear on the website. And the tesseract download link has changed to http: Instead, it is intended to accommodate various character recognition engines. You are commenting using your WordPress. Your name or email address:

weocr server

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Limit the size of the input data to protect the server from huge data. Although some people would worry about the privacy of their documents, we think there are still a lot of applications of OCR in which privacy does not matter.

weocr server

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I decided to build most of the tools from source as this allows me to have the latest version of the software.

The servers will be shutdown gradually, although some will remain working only for demonstration purposes.


weocr server

Have you seen this example: Modify it by replace the following line. The default value is used if the parameter is not specified.

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Send feature requests, questions, bug reports, or other comments. FrankOct 24, Discussion in ‘ Android Questions ‘ started by laviniutJul 11, But, it is obvious the services here are no longer attractive. WeOCR-toolkit has the eeocr features. I’m wanting to create a “live” handheld ocr to speech app for visually impaired persons. No SOAP nor special protocol is used.

Make some useful tools and libraries for Web-based OCR systems. I recently got some ideas related to OCR on a mobile device. A WeOCR server receives document images from users, recognizes text in the images, and returns recognition results to the users. At least UTF-8 must be supported by the server. Now things should work perfectly and you can start uploading some image to your server and see how well it does OCR. Therefore, I need my app to be able to photograph the “page”, send the image, get the results and convert it to speech quickly and in real time.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Tesseract is now installed but it is not going to do much without language data. WeOCR does not have its own character recognition engine.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Notify me of new posts via email. Receive a document image from each client computer, pass the image to the back-end OCR engine, generate HTML data from the result data, and send the data back to the client.

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There is a bug in 2. Uncompress the incoming image file if required.

weocr server

Convert the input image into a common image format PNM. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.