The Lustre client software comprises a package containing the kernel modules and separate packages for user-space tools used to manage the client software. Lustre-tar is a modified version of tar, patched to enhance tar on a Lustre filesystem. Dashboard Whamcloud Community Portal. Refer to Establishing a Build Environment in the Compiling Lustre article for a comprehensive set of packages to install when compiling Lustre from source. Always use the latest e2fsprogs package unless directed otherwise. To install the Lustre client as a.

whamcloud lustre client

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Getting e2fsprogs We recommend using the latest binary, pre-built RPMs from the Whamcloud download site. The AWS Documentation website is getting a new look! Using YUM repositories simplifies the distribution of software packages to computers, aiding provisioning and configuration automation, and simplifying luetre such as auditing and updating.

The client comes in two packages that must be downloaded and installed.

To cut down on the size of the download when testing, uncomment the exclude lines. If the result is less than 4. If the instance is running kernel version 3. Download the Lustre client with the following commands.


Lustre Support Matrix – Whamcloud Community Space – Whamcloud Community Wiki

Note You might need to reboot your compute instance for the client to finish installing. For example, Lustre 2. The above example references the latest Lustre release available.

whamcloud lustre client

For the latest information on compatibility for Linux kernels, refer to the Lustre ChangeLog file. This ensures that the kernel is protected against known security vulnerabilities and has the latest bug fixes.

Try it now and let us know what you think. Installing e2fsprogs e2fsprogs and e2fsprogs-libs must be simultaneously installed with rpm -U: Update the kernel and reboot your Amazon EC2 instance by running the following command. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. We recommend using the whakcloud binary, pre-built RPMs from the Whamcloud download site.

You might need to reboot your compute instance for the client to finish installing. The client comes in two packages that you need to download and install.

Installing the Lustre Software

The kernel-devel and kernel-headers packages for any new Linux kernel are also required. The code consists of a series of scripts. Using the RHEL 6. If the command returns 4. If a full suite of optional features is required, then the development libraries for those lustge must be included in the OS payload. A t tachments 0 Page History.


Installing the Lustre Software – Lustre Wiki

These options are driven by the fact that Lustre is implemented shamcloud kernel modules, and has dependencies on other kernel modules in order to operate correctly. The Lustre client requires Amazon Linux kernel 4. If a new kernel is installed, DKMS ensures that the modules are updated automatically to run with the new kernel.

whamcloud lustre client

The Lustre developers work to ensure that Lustre remains compatible across operating system kernel updates for supported platforms. Determine which kernel is currently running on the compute instance.

To use a specific version, replace latest-release in the [lustre-server] and [lustre-client] baseurl variables with the version required, e. See the note at the end of this whamclouc for information on the license incompatibility.

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