Also, want to clarify for some questions on types of subscribers that have access. Seems there was some confusion, so I wanted to clarify. If you want to charge for the OS… fine. We had it but, we had to send the main comp. From the comments I’ve read here, apparently you have to have a different product key for Windows 8.

windows 8 wdk rtm

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If you have to upgrade within the same edition, then, that’s the reason why it’s not working for me — windoas keys on MSDN are ‘regular’ Windows 8. Even with the 8. For those who’ve been having a problem upgrading and keeping all the apps and settings — you possibly having been trying to install the wrong edition.

Also I have just done an upgrade on a surface and I had the same choice there but it seems to have left all my apps intact but removed all my desktop apps.

I do not work for Microsoft.

windows 8 wdk rtm

RogueCode — Thanks for the question. The N version maybe used to comply with some European thing about not bundling these components.


Download Windows 8.1 RTM, Visual Studio 2013 RC and Windows Server 2012 R2 RTM Today

RetroRecursion — The upgrade path depends on the OS you are upgrading from, more details are available here. Won’t work with our MS Partner keys. We need one store and one update policy for all platforms! After upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8. Everyone else…definitely seeing your questions and comments and am digging up answers with the product team before posting here…stay tuned!

Windows eindows,NT, and XP are iwndows only supported operating systems for this portion of the site.

Windows Driver Kit – Wikiwand

Mike — For actual upgrade, you will have to wait until GA. Starting today, we will extend availability of our current Windows 8. Means that I am unable to continue the setup etm, and install 8. Improving the question-asking experience. I tested the utility and it works code. You do not want the N version.

Windows Driver Kit – Wikipedia

You’ll need a valid 8. Hopefully you won’t try to “innovate” this way again. Rt Microsoft does not fight against piracy? Now I have Win 8.

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If you’re not a subscriber, and you’re working with a leaked build, why are you here asking for help again? Seems the metro mode browser doesn’t register itself as shell window as it do desktop mode browser and metro in Win 8. What’s with all this nonsense?


Any update on Enterprise ‘upgrade’? Thanks for your continued support and feedback, you can reach out to me anytime, either using the comments here or on twitter StevenGuggs. Bellow is one of the guides how to do that:.

Is this by design or this is issue which will be fixed? Bellow is one of the guides how to do that: Anyway around this and I can keep my current retail 8 key?

In looking at the license key, it shows a key that ends in CWCK7. Real McCoy We will have more to share in the next weeks and months, but in the meantime you can find demos and resources at: ATI with latest Windows 8 catalyst driver release.

windows 8 wdk rtm