Note that any grouped files will play back-to-back, without pause, when triggered. Drive a tiny 0. JakeSoft on Mar 21, , The memory storage is shown by 32M 32 m byte and there are also 16mb versions. This value is not saved and so will have to be re-entered every time you run the program.

wt588d software

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WT588D-16p 8M Voice Sound Module

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. With the built-in DSP processor, and human voice processing technology, it provides not only excellent sound qualitybut also flexible control modes, supporting MCU and key controls. It has sofwtare application, can be used in industrial fields. This site uses cookies. Tracks and playing continuous or one at a time: Thanks SugarBombs and community for sharing your experience!

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The unit itself sortware capable of outputting 0. E-mail communication with the manufacturer of the board was not successful, although they tried to help by sending documentation. You bind each Equation to a specific pin; activate by pressing a switch that pulls it wt588d to ground. Wait for the upload to complete.


Almost related to all the voice places, such as stop devices, annunciatorsreminder, alarm clock, learning machine, intelligent home appliances, therapeutic equipment, electronic toys, telecommunications, reversing radar and a variety of automatic control devices, etc.

wt588d software

Technology meet up to the requirements of industries application: I have used mine for half a dozen projects needing a speech output with no problems. I also tried to interface it with a Pro Mini 3. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

One address bit can insert Simply converting to a different rate can distort the WAV file into garbage. I purchased mine on eBay from China so if you are looking for a new one I would look for the cheapest that has a USB socket and pins soldered on.

I am not a technician, nor a programmer.

WTD Programmable Sound Module Pin –

On the download softeare of the software fifth menu button from the left when you click on the CONNECT button the lamp should change from red to green. Drive a tiny 0. How about this page, it links a different zip which contains complete documentation: I wish you luck.


wt588d software

Need to add sound to your project? Some extra news to add is that you can drive the serial interface with 3.

WTDp 8M Voice Sound Module | Borja Home Page

Operating voltage is 2. Unfortunately, the documentation is awfully cryptic, and the software and WAV file requirements are quirky.

The speaker connections, headphone jack, and buttons did not work for me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It will program the WTD device, but it was useless otherwise.

Thanks for your help, and for letting me hijack your thread. I wouldn’t know, mine doesn’t work! Setup in this manner a simple sound player can be obtained, the four available keys can me set to play, pause, stop and turn the device on or off.

wt588d software

I had uploaded a full music track which took up almost half of the available memory! Anyone have any ideas?