Posted by SE at 1: Chevy Woods – On Me. David Shawty – On Me. JoneZen – On Me. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. A rapper from the Bay is now calling himself Yid. Yid – Hatin On Me.

yid hatin on me

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Posted by SE at 4: MoneyBagg Yo – On Me. Hang on to your tinfoil snapbacks, folks. If he wasn’t in the dancehall game, he’d probably have a key knee-deep in investment management.

DonMonique – Hatjn Me. Lucian Base feat Eilah – On Me. Angosoundz – On Me. Mozzy is a goth kid. Da Shoota – On Me.

yid hatin on me

Joe Rhee – On Me. You can’t have the sweet without the sour, the Yid without the Yee. No Limit and Cash Money nostalgia consisted mainly of millenials reaching out toward a faded era of their youth.

yid hatin on me

Yee with the lilting rap-sanging, Yid sounding like he’s rapping through a bullhorn into a cheap computer microphone. Wassup with the video tho? Nevelle Viracocha – On Me. It’s a feast of flesh, and I ain’t just talkin about the curry they barbecuin. Posted by SE at 7: Though lacking the mystery of a fully immersive yir, Sonniebo is a parody act that pulls off an impressive trick: Time to move on.


Mark Jenkyns feat Chickaboo – On Htain.

Skinny broads, thick broads, and everything in between let dem cheeks clap while Konshens looms nonchalantly in the background, croonin his lil slick talk while dressed like a Goldman Sachs associate on a Hamptons summer retreat. SIN – On Me.

By Myside testo

Anxiety that the drug-addled pudgeball we all loved is irrevocably changed? And while he may be Black Hebrew Israelite or a member of the Stoudemire sect, he has yet to cover Judaic matters in his work. Despite a long history of eccentricity, the Bay Area’s next gen are a remarkably buttoned down bunch.

Chris Brown – On Me. Ima pass on that one, B. Before we charge this young man with the crime of cultural appropriation, let’s go beyond the moniker. Aaron Cartier – On Me. The Rangers – On Me. Young Skoop – On Me.

Why They Hatin (feat. Lil Kayla) by Lil Kayla on TIDAL

Today’s accelerated culture is ripe for an outbreak of Gucci Mane nostalgia. JoneZen – On Me.


yid hatin on me

GT – On Me. Avoiding potential death and certain butt rape, our boy stumbles upon a random dance in the middle of the forest. Posted by SE at 1: Fat Fingers – On me.