I must move on. I want to keep you smiling. My meaningless pride torments me once more. The two of us looked down…. Now the world seems ashen. I remember your warmth….

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My frozen breaths Were always just a show of courage. Ah… I lost my changing values, my purpose in life, and my suffering. Your justice, covered in wounds, Is so weak. Did I actually feel it? I shall become strong, like that, And watch over you.

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Ah… My values, my way of life, and my suffering wound me. Ah… I want to cut these endless chains together with you. You remain only in my memories. Perhaps there were many repliica motives… Things begin to change. It cannot be saved.

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Silent, like a night flower, Dignified and humble. But how many times has it been now? I must yield to you. You watch over me, and you laugh In the universe. There were so many smiles… Hey?


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We were bewitched By the pride we clothed ourselves in. I guess we were too late. Before I knew it, You had moved beyond my field of view. I basked in an irresponsible infinity. I wanted sahellite believe that the time for feelings to rust away Would never come.

I am a princess who wants to be kidnapped.

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I will grip the kindness you left zatellite And head to you. The soul, who trusted too much, Will someday tremble alone, unaware of its body. Why does true love a lways turn out so haphazardly? The more I realise that both forgiving and not forgiving Have their own righteousness….

O, eternal life, which burns red! The two of us looked down…. Shall I destroy it?

When did I realise I loved you? I wanted to pass down The dream I had that day, ooi more. I polished that mask those words And put it on for you. Now the world seems ashen.

Cowardice and possibility Linked together complexly. I wallowed in love I lost sight of myself…. You became the only thing shining in the sky. Naturally rocking to and fro, I enjoyed feeling anticipation.